• About Us

We are a firm of financial and general management professionals with broad experience in practice and industry. We provide essential financial and business management services to both profit and not for profit organisations.

A significant percentage of businesses particularly SMEs struggle with maintaining best practice business processes, resulting in a myriad of challenges such as weak controls, losses (cash and inventory), inability to manage tax exposure and other similar liabilities, as well as the inability to recognise and/or take advantage of new business opportunities as they emerge. The effect of all these is ultimately an erosion of shareholder value and sadly in a lot of cases, collapse of the business.

Our services are designed to help organizations (regardless of orientation, size, maturity and reach) minimize the impact of these challenges on their businesses, whilst ensuring they get better value for money. We support you as your bookkeeper, accountant, financial manager, operations controller, business advisor, virtual/part-time CFO, or Management Services partner. In addition, given the variety of working arrangements we offer embedded staffing, partial or full outsourcing, hosted financial platform services etc. We are able to offer our clients various levels of customization and flexibility.

All of our services and solutions are scalable and as such we do not bring a "one size fits all" solution to every organisation. By partnering with us to manage key support functions, you can concentrate your efforts on maximizing your core business, which is essential for the accomplishment of set goals. We make it our business to listen to your needs and provide personalized solutions that make a difference.
To be the preferred business solutions partner in the markets we serve.
We are committed to empowering businesses with dynamic systems and service offerings that enable them take full advantage of the current and potential opportunities. We bring to bear a competent, warm, accessible, and passionate team that consistently exceed our clients' expectations.